Sheffield Wednesday

The boys invade Sheffield
The sun shone as another good turn out of 41 hardy members and 3 guests boarded the coach for our trip to Sheffield Wednesday. The mood probably wasn't as bright as the day as a run of poor results and injuries had a deflating effect on confidence. Betting was good and Andy and Mel were reasonable sure they wouldn't be paying out on a high scoring win for the Rovers and, luckily a typing mistake had put Brereton to score first at 4/1 instead of 4000/1. He didn't and the 100 Club finances survived being wiped out like the the economy of Venezuela. Lunch was eaten the Dog and Partridge near Sheffield a Benedictine free establishment for some of our members as it ran out of it. However, a bottle of Benedictine each would not have contained as much spirit as the magnificent performance our team produced as they smashed Sheffield Wednesday 5-0. All doubts on the trip down to Sheffield were replaced by jubilation on the way back home Tony Mowbray had gone from General Custer to Alexander the Great in 90 minutes!!!
Guess the gate: 23504:  Ryan McGarr 23501 £15: Paul Clarke: 23457 £10: Chris Lenehan: 23450 £5
Other Winners Any own goal: P Bateman: Barry Turner: A Leeming: £7 Each.
First Scorer: Paul Clarke: £14: Bill Duerden: D Chadwick: Colin Holden: Chris Punch: £7 Each