Preston North End

Bill 89 ,our oldest member talks tactics with Hayden at Deepdale (Bill is the one with the hat)
A new manager, a home win and an close away defeat in his first two games led the faithful to believe the corner had turned. No more passing out from the back and Tippy Tappy refined football as under JDT but not scoring goals, now under Eustace things would change. We left Ewood in decent weather and high spirits and were whisked by Lakeland Chariot to another of Mels well chosen meal venues. This was the Foxfields Hotel at Billington and again our culinary scout triumphed again and the meal was superb in every respect. I seem to remember that on past trips to Preston we had a police escort and, Bobbies on bikes that led us through undiscovered parts of Preston to reach Deepdale. Bearing this in mind the Commitee arranged for an early arrival in Preston and we reached Deepdale at 2:00 pm, well before the police escort had set off to meet us and probably well before the PNE fans had arrived. On to the game and the new tactics, boot the ball over the midfield and aim for Gallagher and amazingly in this and the previous two games the tactics worked, and we were two goals up early in the first half. Szmodics scored first laid on by Gallagher and then Gallagher got one himself. Unfortunately our luck changed and PNE got back with a cracking goal from Brady and then a scrappy goal after fouling our goalkeeper by Jakobsen. A full blooded second half and a deserved draw for both sides ensued.
First scorer: Neil Hunter £9: Bill Douglas £6. Final Score: Gary Douglas £18: Peter Bateman £12: Dave Hornby £12: David Thompson £6: Mr Las Vegas himself Dave Walton continues his winning streak £6. Guess the gate 20,924: Les Graham 24 off £15: Phil Bishop 26 off £10: Cliff Yates 124 off £5.
Takings: £164: Payout £99: Profit £65.