West Bromwich Albion away trip

A bitter morning as we arrived at Ewood to wait for the coach for our trip to West Brom. I though there was a mix up as  it looked like the players coach was picking us up as the double decker super executive chariot pulled onto the car park. A sunny day, luxury travel, a 5-2 win over the mighty Cambridge in the bag, the possibility of Gallagher on the bench, one of the best meals we have ever had on a 100 club trip at the Red Lion at Bradley what could go wrong. Unfortunately these were the high points of the day and our beloved Rovers were hammered 4-1 by a West Brom team that didn't have to work hard to achieve victory. The game followed the same pattern of our defenders giving silly goals away and a keeper who couldn't stop a bus. Gallagher came on with Rankin Costello but it was far too late. More bad news came after the game when it was reported that Samir Telalovic was rushed to hospital with severely infected piles and bum sores brought about by long periods of sitting on benches. Mel must be congratulated for driving a hard bargain at the Red Lion to get our 3 course meal for I think under £20. This and the fact that he had to arrange it at the very last minute as Jimmies protracted purchase of Leavers Pie Shop had been reported to the Monopolies Commision leaving him unable to provide us all with spud pie and peas for the trip. Well done Mel.
First Scorer: J Allcock £2: P Bishop £10: W Duerden £2: G Harris £6: M Jackson £6.
Guess the Gate: 24409. D Walton 8 off £15 ( Dave wants no publicity to avoid begging letters but says the win will not change his life.) S Graham 29 off £10 
                                        S Walsh 59 off £5
Takings: £179: Payout £56: Profit £123